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To Ski, or to snowboard?

What to expect when skiing for the first time

You’ll definitely fall over

Skiing For The First Time- Why you should Take a lesson

Stay fed & watered throughout the day

Skiing terms you need to know!

What to pack and wear when Skiing For The First Time

For The Slopes:

  • Ski Goggles — You will need ski goggles to protect your eyes from the glare, flying snow and wind! They don’t need to be amazing or expensive ones. Just try to remember not to touch the insides. Otherwise, you’ll have a nightmare de-fogging them. Trust me!
  • Gloves — or mittens are another essential item for your ski trip. Make sure they are waterproof, warm snow gloves, as you will regularly be falling if you’re a first-time skier or boarder. You can also buy thermal or thin ‘inners’ to wear as well as the waterproof glove for extra warmth.
  • Ski Jacket & Pants — Make sure these items are warm and waterproof! I have a Bib similar to this, a pair of ski pants, as well as a jacket similar to this one, and both keep me warm, cozy, and comfortable throughout my days of skiing. If you plan on skiing again, these might be a good thing to invest in, regardless if it is your first time.
  • Thermals — Perfect for wearing underneath your snow gear to help keep you warm! Thermals are perfect for wearing underneath your snow gear and on your days off to help keep you warm! I practically lived in my thermals when I lived in Canada. You can get some amazing thermals for a small price from AMAZON- like these ones!
  • Ski Socks -For skiing, the thinner the better. It’s all about the materials sweat-wicking ability, and how comfortable the sock sits in your boot. I found that with good boots, I could usually get away with one good pair of winter socks, even on -30celcius days! For skiing, generally, you should only wear one layer, so you won’t really need a whole lot when you pack.In saying this, I know some people that would wear two, three, or even four layers to keep their feet warm throughout their days. I would occasionally wear two, but it depends on the quality I guess.I had a pack of these socks off AMAZON which were nice and snug!I also had several of these thermal socks, also off AMAZON.These were my most worn socks while living in Canada!

Jacket Essentials!

  • Lip Balm with SPF — the wind, sun, and snow will all absolutely destroy your lips. I always carry this in my pocket! Seriously, you won’t want to go skiing without it.
  • Headphones- I only recommend this if you are NOT a beginner. Headphones are a lovely way to relax and enjoy the ride when going down the mountain. I always keep the volume down low so I can hear my surroundings, but it really pumps you up! These are the wireless headphones I use!
  • Hand & Toe Warmers — if you get really, really cold, or if the weather is going to be freezing and miserable, make sure you chuck a few hand or toe warmers in your pocket. It could be the difference between you staying out all morning, or going in to defrost those fingers and toes, that you’re not sure you have anymore. I recommend buying a box of these so you have plenty for the duration of your ski trip.

Skiing For The First Time packing For The Village:

Hoodies, Sweaters, and Sweats!

Winter gloves

Lots of Beanies!

A Decent Pair Of Waterproof Boots

Travelling for a ski trip or skiing for the first time but not sure where to go? Here are some winter guides!



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