Earn Money Teaching English On Palfish | One World Wanderer

What is Palfish?

Why I decided to teach English on Palfish

Requirements for Teaching the Official Kids Course

What qualities you need to have success as a Palfish teacher

1. Calm and easy-going attitude

2. Fluent in English

3. Friendly

4. Hardworking

5. Good with technology

6. Must be able to sit for long periods

7. Patience

8. Reliable

9. Self-motivated

Who are the students?

What are the classrooms and lessons like on Palfish?

How can you earn money teaching English on Palfish?

You get points on Palfish for:

Things you need to successfully earn money teaching English on Palfish!

Fun Props:

A fun Background

An extra reward system!

After Class

Blue Palfish Shirt

How to apply to Teach with Palfish

Step 1 — Get your TEFL or TESOL Certificate

Step 2 — Sign up to Palfish

Step 3 — Complete Information

Step 4 — Create a Payoneer account to receive payments

Step 5 — Schedule your interview

Step 5- You’re approved! Now set up your schedule!

My Experience Teaching English on Palfish

Pros and Cons of Teaching English On Palfish





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